Insulated Busbar Boot


Busbar and Boot Assemblies

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Key Features of Busbar Boots:

Insulating busbar boots are specifically designed to provide a protective covering that insulates and shields the busbars from potential hazards. By mitigating the risks associated with exposed busbars, these boots significantly improve the overall safety and reliability of electrical installations.

Bus boot is flexible electrical insulating boot / shroud for busbar and switchgear connections upto 36KV. These pliable boots can be installed, removed or replaced in few minutes. Made from specially formulated Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) material to provide excellent electrical insulation and to withstand higher operating temperature continuously.

Bus boot provides reduction in air clearance, which helps designing compact panels; thereby reduces the material costs saving in busbar lengths, sheet metal components, etc.

  • High Dielectric Strength: Busbar boots are manufactured using materials with excellent dielectric strength, ensuring effective insulation and preventing electric arcing.

  • Resistance to Environmental Factors: These boots are designed to withstand various environmental challenges, including moisture, chemicals, and UV radiation, ensuring long-term durability.

  • Customization Options: Busbar boots are available in various sizes and designs, making them adaptable to different busbar configurations and installation requirements.

  • Easy Installation: Busbar boots are easy to install and remove, allowing for swift maintenance and replacement when needed.

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