Pad Mounted Transformers


Pad Mounted Transformer options:

  • Single-phase up to 250 kVA
  • Three-phase up to 3,000 kVA
  • Primary voltage up to 36 kV
  • Secondary voltages up to 690 V
  • Cooling type: ONAN
  • Available fluids: mineral oil, ester fluids, and silicone

Key Features of Pad Mounted Transformers:

Pad-mounted transformers are mounted on the ground to service underground distribution networks. These pad-mounted distribution transformers typically serve urban and rural residential, commercial, and industrial loads. They offer the maximum amount of tamper resistance in the lowest profile design. 

ANSI single-phase pad-mounted transformers come equipped with a clamshell cabinet for ease of opening and uninhibited access to connections. The versatility of the design allows for various protective and switching configurations.

ANSI three-phase pad-mounted cabinet offers a unique cabinet that features a one-piece sloped cabinet weather cover to effectively shed water and allow easier access into the cabinet compartment. The pad-mounted transformer can be configured for live and dead front high-voltage connections along with radial or loop feed. Various switching and protection schemes can be integrated into the unit making for a low-profile,  reliable, and multi-functional transformer.

Applications for Pad Mounted Transformers:

Residential Areas: They are commonly used in residential neighborhoods to distribute power safely and efficiently to homes.

Commercial and Retail Spaces: Pad-mounted transformers are employed to power commercial complexes, shopping centers, and retail spaces, providing reliable electricity to businesses.

Industrial Facilities: They are utilized in industrial environments to supply power to manufacturing plants and industrial machinery.

Educational Institutions: Pad-mounted transformers are installed in schools, colleges, and universities to ensure a stable power supply for educational facilities.

Hospital Complexes: These transformers provide vital electricity to hospitals and medical centers, ensuring continuous operation of critical medical equipment.

Public Spaces: Pad-mounted transformers are used in parks, recreational areas, and public facilities to provide electrical power for lighting and amenities.

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