Current Transformer (CT)

medium voltage Current transformer
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300 - 3000:5

200:5 CT

CT Assemblies

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Key Features of Current Transformers:

  • Accurate Current Measurement: CTs provide precise and reliable current measurements, making them essential for various applications, including billing, protection, and control in electrical systems.

  • Safety: By isolating the high currents from measurement devices and control systems, CTs enhance safety for personnel and equipment.

  • Wide Range of Sizes and Ratings: CTs are available in various sizes and current ratings.

  • High Insulation and Dielectric Strength: Quality CTs designed to withstand high voltages and have excellent insulation properties, ensuring their performance and durability.

  • Ease of Installation: CTs are relatively easy to install and integrate into existing electrical systems, minimizing downtime during implementation.

Applications for Current Transformers:

  • Energy Management: CTs are extensively used in power metering and energy management systems to monitor electricity consumption accurately.

  • Protection Relays: In power distribution and transmission systems, CTs are employed with protective relays to detect faults and abnormal conditions, enabling swift and automatic responses to prevent damage or outages.

  • Industrial Automation: CTs find application in various industrial processes to monitor current levels and ensure optimal performance of electrical machinery.

  • Renewable Energy Systems: In renewable energy installations, such as solar and wind farms, CTs are utilized to measure the current generated and ensure efficient power distribution.

  • Building Management Systems: CTs play a role in building management systems to monitor electricity usage, support load management, and improve overall energy efficiency.

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