Electrical Insulating Glastic (GPO-3)


Fabricated to Customer specifications


GPO-3 Assemblies

At Switcher Electric, we can cut to length and fabricate glastic sheets and channels to project specific needs. For more information and pricing contact us.

Key Features of (GPO-3):

  • 1,000 Minutes Track Resistance
  • Electrically Insulating
  • Highly Flame Resistant
  • Low Smoke & Smoke Toxicity
  • UL® Recognized
  • NEMA Grade GPO-3

Glastic® Grade 1494 is a fiberglass reinforced thermoset polyester material. It is available in sheet form as well as a wide selection of channel, angle, and tube sizes. These materials are the industry standard for flame and arc/track resistant electrical insulation. In addition, thcell namexcellent combination of high strength, flame resistance, and low smoke generation has given it application in many other areas such as transit and marine where safe, yet economical materials are required.


Flexural Strength ( psi )22100
Specific Gravity1.81
Water Absorption0.4 % by Wt.
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ( in/in/ºC )2 x 10-5
Tensile Strength ( psi )8000
Compressive Strength ( psi )33100
Shear Strength ( psi )11600
Arc Resistance ( sec )180
Thermal Conductivity ( BTU-in/hr-ft²-ºF )1.9
Standard ColorRed
Tensile Modulus ( psi )1.7 x 106
Flexural Strength at 130ºC ( psi )13100
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