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HK laser

HK FS4015 Falcon Laser

GECAM Deburring Machine

GECAM Deburring Machine

Key Features of Fabrication Equipment:

  • Precision Engineering: Industry name equipment built with precision engineering, ensuring accurate and consistent results in metal shaping and processing.

  • High Efficiency: These machines are designed to optimize productivity and minimize production time, leading to higher output rates and cost-effectiveness.

  • Versatility: From cutting and bending to welding and forming, industrial metal fabrication equipment can handle a wide range of metalworking tasks, making it suitable for diverse applications.

  • Improved Safety: Safety features, such as guards, sensors, and emergency stops, are incorporated into the equipment to protect operators and workers from potential hazards.

Adira Press Brake

Adira Press Brake

Adira PM Guimadira Series shown above


Vacuum Lift and Frame Assemblies

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